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Do you have a close friend in Kerala, India? How nice it will be, if you have a family which takes care of all your needs when you are on a trip to Kerala?

At Ann's Homestay Wayanad, Mr. & Mrs. Shaji extend you a warm welcome, and treat you as their own family members, making sure that you feel at home. You will feel comfortable here, at our Wayanad Homestay. Many of our guests have enjoyed their visit so much that they even return regularly.

Though the concept of Homestays and Resorts are different, these terms are often used interchangeably, when Travelers refer to Vacation Accommodation in Kerala.

Wayanad Homestays or Resorts

Homestays & Resorts in Wayanad provide Homey environment and often run by a local family. Homestay or Wayanad Resorts is accommodation provided in a private home, with independent rooms or cottages available for guests.
A Host Family which Runs a Wayanad Resorts or a Homestay helps to
plan your Vacation trip, steering clear of the snares of living and travelling in an unfamiliar destination, that, many visitors encounter with.
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Ann's Homestay Wayanad has implemented a stringent quality inspection system to ensure that the cottages provide services and amenities that meet the expectations of the discerning traveler. The Ann's Homestay is situated in the heart of Sultan Bathery, offer good value-for-money accommodation and a unique experience.

Kerala and its Hill Resorts - Wayanad

Situated about 256 km away from Bangalore and just 115 km from Mysore, and set at a height of 700 to 2100 meters above sea level, is one of the most exotic Hill Resorts in the World -- Wayanad !!!

Kerala - The tourists' paradise
with its Misty Hills, Lush Greenery,
Backwaters, Pristine Beaches, waterfalls, Wild Life, Plantations,
Folklores, Rich Cultural Heritage, and well educated friendly people.

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Munnar and Wayanad are the most famous Tourist Resorts not only in Kerala, but in the whole South India too.
Add to that the warm and homely atmosphere of Village Resorts in Wayanad, and you've got yourself the perfect getaway. Nestled in its tranquil surroundings, our Wayanad Homestay is the quintessential home-away-from-home. If you're tired of the fast pace of everyday city life and are in need of rejuvenation, you could not find a more apt locale. This Wayanad Homestay blend beautifully with the area, giving you a panoramic view of the green, beautiful surroundings. Our homestay is conveniently located from all the important Tourist Spots of Wayanad.
Ann's Homestay in Wayanad is situated in ancient and prominent place belongs to the great Tippu Sulthan. From Our Wayanad Resorts, it is only a walking distance to the temple, church & mosque etc. Ann's homestay assures an oppurtunity to the guest to realize and enjoy the natural beauty of wayanad and the rhyme of the snowy hill blooms. Ofcourse we assure that a homely feel and fragrance of various asspects of wayanad. It is situated in a calm and quiet away from the city, but only 150mts from the NH.

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